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Hands-On Whatnots ‘n’ Wearables™

No matter which of our products you choose to purchase, you'll always find the quality impeccable!


Hands-On Whatnots™ • Ancillary Materials 

We are so proud of the attention to detail that goes into all the materials provided in each of our Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles™ that we've made them available separately in our collection of Hands-On Whatnots 'n' Wearables™. You'll find everything from paintbrushes to paint and from clay tools to clay! All of our Hands-On Whatnots™ are high quality, all natural, and fully sustainable.


Hands-On Wearables™ • Garments & Satchels

You'll find some really cool clothing and bags — that you can feel good about wearing — in our collection of Hands-On Whatnots 'n' Wearables™. From graphic tee shirts to hip messenger bags — all of our Hands-On Wearables™ are of the finest quality. Our tee shirts are made by BELLA+CANVAS, purveyors of high-end tri-blend fabrics and our messenger bags are 100% cotton, beautifully crafted with solid brass hardware.