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Hands-On Kits 'n' Kaboodles™

First, they'll think the box is super-duper cool; then, they'll learn to think outside it!


Hands-On Kits™ • Fun Projects to Make & Games to Play 

Our Hands-On Kits™ are all about fostering creativity for children and we've been told what parents love most about them is the fact that they are totally comprehensive. Each of our really cool boxes contains everything a parent could possibly need to complete the project or play the game with their children — right down to a #2 pencil. The extra added value is that each of our Hands-On Kits™ comes with a simple-to-use strategy for learning that we call Hands-On Kaboodles™. That's why we can say these products are 'the whole kit 'n' kaboodle!' We guarantee you won't find anything quite like them — anywhere — and you won't be disappointed!


Hands-On Kaboodles™ • A Simple-to-Use Strategy for Learning

Hands-On Kaboodles™ are a combination of guided instruction and interactive materials. Their content is unique, and the information is presented in a very conversational manner, all of which effectively engages children — encourages their curiosity, sparks their imagination, and makes learning fun! Although Hands-On Kaboodles™ are available separately, the project or game found inside our companion Hands-On Kits™ is what can make the experience the 'whole kit 'n' kaboodle.' Each Hands-On Kaboodle™ includes easy-to-follow guided instruction, beautiful visuals, a handout for children to complete, and an answer key for parents!